Our favourite walks

Short walk 1 (just over a mile)

This is a short walk (around 40 minutes) that starts at the front gate. 

Cross to the stile opposite and walk about 100 yards to the first stile on the left. Then walk downhill diagonally across the field to the next stile at the far corner. Walk through and stop to take a look back up the  hill to where you started the walk. Carry on walking along the narrow valley bottom until you reach the stile at Furlong Lane. You could turn left at the lane but we generally cross at the stile straight opposite, and walk by the pond, along a well-maintained stone path. After about 100 yards, turn left at  the stile, walking up the field to where the path again meets Furlong Lane. Cross the lane again, to the next stile, and walk steeply uphill to the footpath marker at the top. Walk straight on the next stile, which takes you into Alstonefield’s cricket ground and recreation field. Walk diagonally across the field to the far corner (near the children’s play area), pausing to admire the views in all directions. Looking right (south), you can see the tops of Dovedale. To the north, you can see Wetton Hill and the large copse known as Steep Low, which dominates the view from the cottage gate. You can also see the higher, smaller, copse of Pea Low, which you can see from the cottage garden. Walk straight on towards the village hall, then turn left at the crossroads (unless you want to explore the village centre and perhaps visit The George Inn). Follow the road left and go straight on for a couple of hundred yards to return to the cottage. 

You can see this review with photos and a map here.

More walks to follow...